Program Overview

  • Location
  • Tuition
  • Program Length
    2 years
  • Learning Environment
  • Financial Aid
    FAFSA Eligible

Program Description

The Carpentry Technology program equips students with fundamental skills for entry-level positions in building construction, including new construction, building repair, and alterations. Students are introduced to sustainable and green construction practices, as well as state building codes for energy efficiency. Successful completion of the program enhances graduates’ prospects for entering carpenter apprenticeship programs and pursuing careers as skilled carpenters in various construction-related fields.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Applied Science:
Carpentry Technology (66 credits) – Tuition: $8,646

Certificate of Achievement:
Carpentry Technology (51 credits) – Tuition: $6,681

Certificate of Competence:
Carpentry Technology: Facilities Maintenance (19 credits) – Tuition: $2,489


The Ka‘ika‘i A‘o Project, in collaboration with Alu Like, Inc., is a year-round college internship program specifically designed for Trades Technology students at Kaua‘i Community College, including those in the Carpentry Technology program. It offers valuable career experiences and networking opportunities by providing on-campus and community-based internships with local businesses. The initiative aims to bridge learning gaps, prepare students for their future careers, and particularly focuses on providing Native Hawai‘ian students with internship positions in various Trades Technology-related fields.

Future Careers:
Graduates of the Carpentry Technology program have excellent career opportunities in the construction industry as skilled carpenters. They can find employment in areas such as residential and commercial construction, remodeling and renovation projects, and carpentry contracting firms. The program’s focus on sustainable and green construction methods also opens up opportunities in the growing field of environmentally friendly building practices.

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