At its most basic purpose, Ka’imi ‘Oihana was created to be a directory for trade programs and apprenticeships. But more than that, it is here to help you explore and discover your interests, skills, and ultimately, a new career. 

Ka’imi ‘Oihana is a comprehensive guide that will introduce you to trade programs, the jobs that those programs lead to, and the concrete steps to take that will lead to employment. We are starting with trade and apprenticeship programs in Hawaiʻi but plan to expand to all 50 states soon.

Who We Serve

There are countless websites out there that are geared towards choosing the perfect university or picking the right college major. But what about finding the perfect trade program?

Ka’imi ‘Oihana is a great resource if YOU:

  • Are interested in a career change
  • Are currently in high school and wish all of your classes were electives like auto body or cooking
  • Are an academically motivated high school student but you are curious about learning about other options after graduation
  • Need to develop hard skills to more easily find employment
  • Are unemployed and want to find a direct path towards a career

About the Team

Kanani Gabriel, Founder

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Kanani has embraced Taiwan as her second home, drawn to its similar climate, cuisine, and proximity to both mountains and ocean. Inspired by her brother’s success in his trade job as a rigger, she aimed to develop a comprehensive guide on education and career routes that diverge from the conventional four-year university, while also seeking to change the stigma associated with trade careers. She created Ka’imi ‘Oihana to illustrate that her brother’s success in a trade is not exclusive but can serve as a blueprint for others. Kanani is committed to advocating for the recognition of other promising avenues beyond a university education and believes there are many paths to success.

Evyn Hedgpeth, Co-founder

Evyn is from the US Midwest and has been living in Taipei since 2019. He comes from a family of tradesmen and women but was the first in his family to graduate university with a four-year degree. After college, he turned to the trades to earn a living and chip away at his student debt, working in carpentry, as a boat mechanic, and on oil rigs in North Dakota. Now focused on the development and IT side of the company, Evyn’s journey through the university system and the trades fuels his determination to build and expand Ka’imi ‘Oihana so that it can help others find occupational solutions and financial stability.

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