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The Mākaha Learning Center is a transformative institution dedicated to creating pathways for Native Hawaiians and the Wai’anae community. Through trade-based education, the center fosters opportunities that empower individuals to thrive. Its dynamic programs encompass leadership development, hands-on trades-training, and impactful outreach initiatives. With offerings such as Solar Training, Solar Sales, and Aloha Construction Foundations, the Mākaha Learning Center equips participants with practical skills and knowledge, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to their community and build a brighter future.

Rooted in its commitment to community growth and empowerment, the Mākaha Learning Center stands as a catalyst for positive change. By providing accessible education in essential trades and leadership, the center opens doors for personal and professional advancement. Whether through solar-related disciplines or construction foundations, these programs serve as stepping stones toward building a skilled, self-reliant workforce and a stronger, more resilient community in Wai’anae and across Hawaiʻi.

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