Program Overview

  • Location
  • Tuition
  • Program Length
    12 weeks
  • Learning Environment

Program Description

The Administrative Dental Assistant program equips students with strong computer skills and proficiency in various aspects of information technology. Administrative Dental Assistants excel in communication and are adept at personal interactions, telephone conversations, written correspondence, online communication, and collaborating with colleagues. Throughout the program, students learn to effectively interact with dentists, patients, and healthcare professionals, while also gaining essential administrative skills such as keyboarding, office management, software applications, office procedures, insurance processes, and financial management including accounts payable/receivable, budgets, and payroll.


After completing a Dental Administration program, you will have a range of promising career opportunities in the dental industry. You could pursue roles such as dental office manager, dental receptionist, dental billing specialist, or dental insurance coordinator. These positions allow you to work closely with dental professionals, manage administrative tasks, handle patient records, coordinate appointments, and ensure efficient office operations. With the increasing demand for dental services, your skills and knowledge gained from the program will make you a valuable asset to dental practices, clinics, and hospitals.

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