Program Overview

  • Location
  • Tuition
  • Program Length
    3 semesters
  • Learning Environment
  • Financial Aid
    FAFSA Eligible

Program Description

The Automotive Technology program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers as general mechanics in service stations, auto dealerships, or specialized mechanic roles focused on engine tune-ups or electrical systems. Graduates of the program are prepared to demonstrate work readiness skills, practice safety measures, utilize shop tools and online repair manuals, diagnose and repair vehicle problems, and perform routine maintenance tasks to ensure the proper functioning of vehicles.

Degrees & Certificates


Associate of Applied Science – Automotive Technology (63 credits) – Tuition: $8,253


Certificate of Achievement – Automotive Technology (51 credits) – Tuition: $6,681


Upon completion of the Automotive Technology program, students have a wide range of career opportunities in the automotive industry. They can pursue roles as automotive technicians, mechanics, or specialists in various settings such as service stations, auto dealerships, repair shops, or automotive manufacturing companies. Graduates can also explore opportunities in areas like vehicle diagnostics, engine tuning, electrical systems, or automotive maintenance.

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