Program Overview

  • Location
  • Tuition
  • Program Length
    31 weeks
  • Learning Environment
  • Financial Aid
    FAFSA Eligible
  • Certification Type
    Associate of Applied Science

Program Description

The Administration of Justice (AJ) program offers a comprehensive education in various aspects of the criminal justice process, encompassing law enforcement, the court system, and corrections. Students will gain knowledge about the causes and impacts of crime and delinquency, as well as learn law enforcement procedures, including crime scene investigation, evidence collection, and courtroom testimony. The program also emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between safeguarding individual rights and ensuring societal protection.

Degrees & Certificates


Associate of Applied Science – Administration of Justice (60 credits) – Tuition: $7,860

In addition to the tuition, there are other costs to consider, such as textbooks, which amount to approximately $400 per semester.


Upon completion of the Administration of Justice program, graduates have a range of career opportunities in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice. They can pursue roles as bailiffs, detectives, criminal investigators, police officers, sheriffs, and private detectives. These professions allow graduates to contribute to public safety, maintain law and order, and actively participate in the investigation and prevention of criminal activities.

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